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Featured On HOW DOES IT WORK? We made sure that there are plenty of examples available for you to choose from. JUST PICK AND CUSTOMIZE Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Discography I WANT A LICENSE Our new Visual Editor will make creating any design an absolute breeze. Designers will feel at home right away! IT'S SO EASY THAT ANYONE CAN DO IT About I WANT A LICENSE Our new Visual Editor will make creating any design an absolute breeze. Designers will feel at home right away! IT'S SO EASY THAT ANYONE CAN DO IT Like all of us, I’ve spent the last weeks looking out my window and dreaming about the outside. The sociopolitical, psychological and emotional effects of this unprecedented global pandemic are still ramifying, and nobody knows how long or towards what brave, new shores all these waves will be carrying us.

These jams were recorded almost exactly a year ago in a basement studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. After an unproductive and bemusing, yearlong depression living in Munich, Germany, I landed back in the States, heart broken and eager to get back on some kind of grind. With no momentum in any direction, I didn’t really have a clue what to do with myself. I could have used a champion pretty desperately. And as it happened, fate delivered one. I had been approached some weeks before by a guy asking me about making music videos. We exchanged a few curt messages over facebook, and he shared some kind words with me about my music. Frankly, having not felt like a rockstar in a very long time, I really appreciated the love and needed it. I decided I would call him on videochat out of the blue.

The affable character who greeted me on the other end of the phone was Charles Crossingham, and what I thought would be a drive-by ego-stroke for me turned into a lengthy, thoughtful conversation. I was charmed by his openness, humor and laconic, southern directness. As we talked, he began to tell me about his ambitions to start a record label to help musicians like me, and we began hatch the plans which would eventually bring me to his basement in Raleigh.

Charles had wired his whole house to record, including the gorgeous sleek, baby grand piano in his foyer that greets any guest who walks in the front door. He furnished me with arsenal of vintage guitars, amps and generally treated me like a king. Over the course of two days, I ploughed through as many songs as I could think of, some old, some new and some covers, and we ended up with hours of material. The best of those results is what you’re hearing now. The existence of this record is almost entirely thanks to Charles’ belief in me, his gracious support, encouragement and enthusiasm. (Thanks pal!) It took some convincing, but I’m glad I’m putting myself out there, unvarnished.

What you’re hearing in these recordings is me feeling very naked. For me, not all of it is pretty to hear. Sometimes I shudder at the sloppy guitar, pitchy notes and rhythm flubs. But I don’t care. I know it’s really me, captured authentically in this vulnerable crossroads of my life as I come to terms with some of my own fears and insecurities. This is the beginning of me coming back to the world and out of hiding. I can’t thank Charles, Destiny, Alex and Jon enough for all of their love, support and time, and most of all for helping me to start to believe again that my music is worth giving to the world.

I hope you hear the joy I felt in shaking off the dust and rust and finding the love in playing again. I know that I’ve got some special songs and I want to give them to the world. My hope is that they bring some lightness to heavy times.

My love, prayers and best wishes to you all.

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