Honey Pig is released!


Cosmic soul cowboy Bosley Brown was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As has become lamentably commonplace in today’s American family, Bosley’s home broke up when he turned five, and Little Bos spent his formative years under the tutelage of his single mother and older sister in a row house in the city.

At a young and crucial age, Bosley’s mother gave him a cassette tape of The Temptations, to which he listened incessantly. This simple gift began a continuing love affair with harmony. He began to show a concerted interest in Elvis Presley, Motown, Soul, R&B, Blues, and Rock and Roll, this interest eventually blossoming into a curiosity about all genres of music, art and cultures world wide. Bosley realizes today that saying such things about oneself inevitably sounds pretentious. Bosley is continually grateful to his mother for planting this seed. Bosley’s father is an author and has always been his biggest supporter and inspiration. Any more of Bosley’s sordid family history Bosley deems not worthy of the readers’ time here, but suffice it to say, despite life’s inevitable hardships he was dealt a very lucky hand.

Bosley graduated high school and attended a liberal arts college in the northeast which, for reason’s unknown to Bosley, still expects regular monetary contributions in the form of alumni donations despite the outstanding debts Bosley accrued, and still owes, in order to pay for that god damn place anyway. During college Bosley discovered booze and dope and other recreational vices and continued to write insipid songs for which women occasionally traded him sex. Bosley does not endorse, condone, or encourage the use of any illicit drugs or mind altering substances, unless you’re going to pass that shit — for real.

But seriously kids, be safe! Part of Bosley’s story is a cautionary tale about the excesses of recreation as a young American. A few years after he bluffed his way out of college, he pursued excessive recreation as long as he was physically able until he one time, literally, woke up from a bender in the middle of Central America. True story. In retrospect, the only thing more baffling than this was that, for the first few hours of consciousness, Bosley labored under the misapprehension that he was still somewhere in the United States despite the prevailing Spanish dialect and ubiquitous livestock. But that’s a different story perhaps for another time. Bosley is feeling the pressure of a deadline and his discursive nature is working hard against him.

To the point: Bosley continued to write music and has played with plenty of people who are more famous than Bosley and with whom you’re probably more familiar, but, as a rule, Bosley does not trade on people’s names and hates when other bands name-drop as a source of authenticity or whatever, so you’ll just have to trust him that he’s been around. With that said, Bosley did one time play with a drummer who plays in this other band with Bob Dylan’s guitar player, so, you know…

In the later part of the last decade, after many travels and a brief hiatus from civilization and organized reality altogether, Bosley reemerged in Baltimore and put a new band together. He recorded his first album in 2011, called Honey Pig. This new record represents his ambitions to continue making music that has style, class, and, most of all, heart.

Bosley does not hear much heart on the radio these days; mostly he hears money, and he suspects that the avarice of certain members of the music and entertainment industries has directly contributed to a homogeneous and incoherent American cultural identity to which the Bos does not closely relate. Bosley also suspects that a lot of people feel similarly disenfranchised by the current climate of popular culture and thinks that’s kinda what happens when we feed our cultural souls with what’s new and hip instead of what’s good. Bosley promises you that he will try always to be good, even though he’s new and hip, as well. Bosley knows that an intelligent audience (like you, reader!) can distinguish genuineness from contrivance, class from kitch, and believes that processed schlock does not serve as a culture. Bosley hopes that through his music and videos he can provide provocative entertainment and make you dance and love and rejoice and connect, and he will try to contribute his small bit to the beautiful lineage of American Music.